Australian International Traders distibutes a wide range of confectionery products to the Australian and New Zealand Market. Take a look at some of our popular brands below:


AIT'S Extremely popular and sought after sour brand incorporating a wide range of different confectionery and ice pops including sour straps, sour chews and chew bars, sour bubblegum, sour spray, sour roller, fairy floss with sour popping candy and more.



Radical ®

Storm range with a variety of different flavours. AIT was the first to launch flavours other than strawberry into Australia. Fairy Floss and Sherbet Fizz are the latest editions to the range.

Snowtime ®

AIT sell over 20 different very high quality Snowtime Ice Pops and shapes, sold in Australia for over 30 years.

Ka Bluey ®

Ka-Bluey candy was not only the first mouth changer introduced to Australia in 1989 but it was the first blue raspberry flavour as well. Ka-Bluey has a very distinct flavour and the Ka-Bluey brand now has a wide range of different products including Chew Bars, Bubblegum, Fairy Floss, Sour Straps and Ice Pops.


Rude Dudes

Great range of Rude Dudes - Bull's Balls, Spew Balls, Snot Balls, Pig Farts, Possum Poop and Roo Blue Balls

Gummini ®

Made in Spain. Loved by children young and old, especially the Giant cola range – Love My Gummini.

Blowpipes ®

Long filled candy both sour and sweet bursting with sweet flavour on the inside. Sold at markets nationwide and now Blowpipes are available in bite sized pieces called “Blowpipe Bites”


Ice mony ®

Since 1999 AIT has been selling these Triangle shaped Ice Pops. Softer than your regular Ice pops, Ice Mony is very popular in the school market with 8 flavours currently in the range. 

Wobbli ®

Jelly Stix,  Yogostix & Chocostix range.

Radz ®

Novelty confectionery.

Rager ®

Sour brand assorted confectionery and ice pops.



For further information on our brands, feel free to make an enquiry.