Our Brands

Rude Dudes

The name says it all. A little naughty but fun range of products including Bulls Balls, Bum Blasters, Possum Poop, Pig Farts, Roo Blue Balls. These products never fail to put a smile on the face of those who see and eat them.


AIT’S Super sour extremely popular brand for over 2 decades with a huge range of assorted sour confectionery products including straps, licorice, gummies, chews, chew bars, hard candy, lollipops, roller, spray sherbet, gel, foam, popping candy, bubblegum, novelties, ice pops, jellies and drinks.


Radical Storms – Fizzy chewy cloud shaped candy available in tubs and hang-sell bags have been popular for almost 2 decades.

Ka Bluey

Developed in 1985 by John Wilkinson and 2 New Yorkers Ka-Bluey was the first blue raspberry flavoured candy with bubblegum and mouth changer, Ka-Bluey is now available in bubblegum, hard candy, chews, chew bars, straps, licorice, ice pops and jellies.

Children still love the Ka-Bluey taste and having fun running around like blue tongue lizards today.

Ice Mony

Triangle shaped ice pops have been a household favourite for over 15 years in many different flavours including the 99% fruit juice range.


Gob Licker sour lolly in assorted flavours


Sold in Australia for over 40 years AIT sell a huge range of the best quality SNOWTIME Ice Pops in all sorts of flavours and shapes.


Made in Spain, loved by children young and old. GUMMINI gummies are an old family favourite.


Super sour novelties and sour chews


You will be raging all night with these sour RAGER candy products

Seasonal Lines

AIT produce a range of seasonal products for Christmas, Holloween and Easter. Take a look at some of our recent ranges.